Project Description

Take That, Boat Thieves

GOST Nav-Tracker 1.0 helps owner recover stolen boat in the Bahamas.

Global Ocean Security Technologies, or GOST, recently announced the recovery of a stolen boat in the Bahamas thanks to its Nav-Tracker 1.0 tracking system.

According to the company, a Bahamas homeowner contacted police in Marsh Harbour to report his 34-foot Jupiter center console missing in June. The owner then accessed his GOST system via a secure web account, and the system pinpointed the boat’s location, tracked its course and sent position reports to the police every five minutes.

The boat was recovered within three hours of the owner realizing that it had gone missing. Three of the thieves were still aboard; all were charged by Marsh Harbour police. A fourth suspect was arrested later.

“We hope that the growing use of GOST’s tracking and security systems not only increases the number of boat recoveries, but more importantly reduces the number of theft attempts, which are giving a lot of bad press to the good people of Abacos,” said Brian Kane, GOST’s director of research and development.

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