Project Description


Global Ocean Security Technologies (GOST) has been in the boat monitoring business since before they were GOST, and just last week their venerable Nav-Tracker 1.0 was key to the recovery of a stolen Yellowfin well on its way to Mexico (hi res tracking here).

But what they were showing off in their Miami booth was the new GOST Watch HD XVR, which can be combined with all sorts of cameras including FLIR thermals to surveil most every aspect of a yacht. With GOST Watch you can remotely monitor multiple cameras with a phone or tablet, and though it took a while due to the slow boatshow WiFi, the demo above did eventually and impressively show all 16 live video streams. (And note the nifty Leatherman Tread multi-tool on the wrist of GOST CEO and master gadgeteer Jay Keenan.)