The GOST Apparition SM GPS is the most powerful, customizable and user friendly GOST security system ever released and is the only system on the market offering the capability of security, monitoring & tracking, integrated together in one system.  This integration allows the system to communicate over cellular or satellite networks, dependent upon availability, with least cost routing capabilities integrated allowing for true global coverage. The GOST Apparition can be controlled via App, key fob or the new simplified, user friendly touchscreen keypads, available in 5- or 7- inch displays.

The new Universal Control Unit, the core of the system, provides the logic for up to 32 wireless sensors, 12 relays, and 32 key fobs, while supplying a full battery backup for the system.  The internal 4G/3G GSM communicator provides communication for the APP as well as to send/receive text/SMS messages for two-way communication via text to arm/disarm as well as provide notifications of events onboard. The GOST Apparition SM GPS includes a GP-MSWR Wireless Water Resistant Digital PIR Motion Detector with Anti-masking – Active IR detection for sprayed liquids and blocking items and 90Lbs Pet Immunity; 3 GMM-DC Door/Hatch Contacts with 3 GDC-EXT-WG Extension Sensors, 1-GMM-IP67 High Water Sensor, 1-GMM-IP67 Low Voltage Sensor, a wireless GP Smoke Detector, Mini Siren and it will also monitor the vessels shore power (AC), and send out alerts when shore power is lost for more than 15 minutes, as well as when AC power is restored.

The system is 100% backwards compatible with all GOST wireless sensors & accessories. If more than 32 sensors are required, then additional modules can be provided that are capable of up to 192 Sensors, 250 Relays, 999 Users, 8 Partitions, 254 Expansion Modules, 999 Remote Controls and Access Control for up to 32 Door/Hatches.

The Inmarsat Satellite based GPS Tracking component of the system is GOST’s award winning Nav-Tracker, a ruggedized marine grade satellite antenna with two-way communication and 99.9% reliability mandated by the IMO. The Nav-Tracker provides global arm/disarm & relay control over satellite and integrates with the GOST Apparition to send security & monitoring alerts over satellite providing true global protection even when out of cellular range.

  • The GOST Apparition Security & Monitoring with GPS Package includes everything in the GOST Apparition package (below), adds extra layers of protection for even more peace of mind, plus the award-winning GOST Nav-Tracker GPS Tracking!
  • With Security & Monitoring capabilities in one convenient package, the GOST Apparition SM package not only helps protect against intrusion and theft, but also monitors shore power, low voltage, smoke, and high water.
  • The added benefit of the GOST Nav-Tracker uses the 8th generation GOST Nav-Tracker website and the ultra-reliable Inmarsat Satellite Constellation for communication and control.


  • Input Voltage: 16VAC 40VA (AC Transformer included)
  • Short Circuit protection: Thermally Fused
  • Average Current Draw @ 16VAC 40VA = 100Ma
  • Average Current Draw @ 12VDC when battery backup is charging = 800mA
  • Time to charge battery backup: Approximately 5-6 hours

Package includes:

1 each GAP-TSK5* GOST Apparition 5” Interactive Touchscreen in piano black

1 each G4G-LTW-WiFi-Octo-Deuce Ultra-Fast 16LTE Band Rugged M2M Data Communicator with built in WiFi & 5 port switch with LTE Advanced (LTE 2) Technology**