Global Remote Video Streaming and PTZ Control of FLIR® M-Series


Premium Multi-Sensor Maritime Thermal Night Vision System

The M-Series pan/tilt re-defines maritime multi-sensor system flir-m-series-7-14-16design, drawing on FLIR’s 25 years of experience in building combat-proven airborne and maritime thermal imagers for militaries, Coast Guards, and governmental agencies around the world. If you want to use a tougher, better-performing FLIR, you’ll have to join the Special Forces.

With up to 640×480 thermal imaging, M-Series can cameras provide fourtimes the thermal resolution and more than twice the range performance compared to other systems. M-Series cameras let you see more – and see farther – than ever before. Even in the dead of night.

flir-m-series-2_7-14-16Clearer, most detailed thermal imagery –
M-Series cameras deliver up to four-times the resolution of other systems, giving you clear, sharp images with detail you never thought possible in such an affordable thermal night vision system.

More than double the detection range –
The new M-series systems use the latest generation of thermal imagers from FLIR. Featuring the highest sensitivity, and more than double the range performance of current systems, M-Series cameras let you see more – and see farther – even in the dead of night. M-Series systems are offered with either standard resolution or high resolution thermal imagers.

Optional lowlight TV camera –
Provides enhanced navigational abilities during twilight hours, when operating along intracoastal waterways, and near harbor entrances. Anywhere you can see a little, the lowlight camera will help you see more.

Color on-screen symbology –
Part of FLIR’s exclusive Accu-Point control and display technology, M-Series cameras have detailed, 3D color on-screen symbology that gives you instant access to system status, position, and configuration.


Analog to Digital Gateway

Analog to Digital Single Channel Video Gateway converts any analog camera into an IP camera. If the vessel already has existing analog cameras on board, one can easily tap into them and simply pass the analog signal through, not interfering with the camera’s original purpose.

Click here for more information about the GWHD-A/D Gateway.


IVR_7-14-16GWHD-IVR-1TB (Internet Video Recorder)
Record up to 90 days of continuous video playback and control online, installed with plug-and-play ease. The GOST Watch HD IVR 1TB Internet Video Recorder (GWHD-IVR-1TB), will continuously record and store up to 90* days of video from up to six cameras, for easy retrieval and viewing on the GOST Watch HD website. This highly advanced IVR supports high-resolution video from any GOST or 3rd party analog cameras connected to the GOST Watch HD Analog to Digital Gateways (GWHD-A/D-Gateway).

Click here for more information about the GWHD-IVR-1TB.